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The Holy Spirit

How does the Holy Spirit work today?

Spiritual Gifts

How do I understand and use my spiritual gifts?

The Power of Prayer

How can I hear God and be more effective in prayer?


How does God heal today?

Spiritual Warfare

How do I safely handle spiritual warfare?


How can I share my faith more easily?

The Dunamis Project

How can I learn more about the Holy Spirit?

Youth & Young Adults

Ashley Patton

Zoom Links

Equipping believers to serve in the power of the Holy Spirit

Moving from theory into practice.
Real growth, in a context of worship and prayer.

Our mission is to mobilize, equip and deploy Spirit-empowered witnesses for Jesus Christ to take part in fulfilling the great commission, to make disciples of all people in all nations. Dunamis Fellowship Canada fulfills that mission by offering courses and conferences on the person and work of the Holy Spirit based on Christ-centered, biblical teaching from a Reformed perspective, and are anchored in practical, experiential learning. These practical learning contexts make Dunamis learning unique and effective.

Dunamis Fellowship Canada fosters a community of Spirit-empowered believers who


  • pray with one another

  • support each other in spiritual development

  • embody, proclaim and advance the Kingdom of God in the power of the Holy Spirit

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