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DCF Culture

We Are Context Creators

We create safe spaces for the curious and skeptical to ask questions and engage in lab times giving people a place to try without fear of failure or criticism.

We Are Kairos Seekers

A 'Kairos' moment is the invitation to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.  What is God doing? How is the group doing? What does God want? We seek Him in prayer, listen and respond.

We Are Prayer Prioritizers

Nothing happens without prayer before, during and after events. Teams convene regularly to pray as part of advance planning. Events and people are covered in prayer during events and during individual prayer ministry times for individuals. 


We Are Contributors, Not Consumers

People can contribute through serving in technological roles or trying out ministry experiences like prayer teams, worship and leadership roles. We expect God to provide for our financial needs through his people who receive and participate in equipping events.

We Are Community Builders

In community, we share a common language: "dance of cooperation", "Kairos moments", "on the wall", "getting guidance", and "practicing discernment". We invite newcomers, we help visitors get connected, and we cultivate a sense of mission to start a new community.

We Are Ministry Multipliers


We intentionally look for new leaders of all ages. We have many roles where those growing in DFC can test out their spiritual leadership skills alongside mentors who share their knowledge and expertise. 

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