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Dunamis Project 4 - Healing

One way to equip the church is to equip individuals to hear better to serve better.


The Healing Ministry of Jesus looks directly at Jesus’ healing ministry as our model for praying for many types of healing, including the physical, emotional and spiritual. The conference environment embraces prayer, trust, confidentiality, and a full expression of the spiritual gifts for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. 


Main teaching topics include:

  • Biblical and Theological Foundations for Healing Ministry

  • A Brief History of Healing Ministry in the Church

  • Our Equipping in Healing Ministry

  • Spiritual, Inner and Relational Healing

  • The Holy Spirit Continues Jesus’ Healing Work

  • In-depth Inner Healing

  • Inner and Physical Healing and the Demonic

  • Relational Healing

  • Jesus’ Ministry of Physical Healing

  • Guidelines for Physical Healing

  • Developing Healing Ministry in the Local Church

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