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Dunamis Project 5 -Spiritual Warfare

Stand on guard against the enemy. Be aware of mindsets, thoughts and lies that you believe. Why do you think the things you think? Why do you do the things you do?


Spiritual Warfare will lay the foundation for understanding the nature of our struggle with evil and teach about our authority in Jesus Christ to take part in certain aspects of spiritual warfare. We will look at how Christians today can be part of this work and be equipped by the Holy Spirit to set ourselves and others free, resist the works of Satan and advance the Kingdom of God. 


Main teaching topics include:

  • Introduction to Spiritual Warfare

  • The Kingdom of God

  • The Kingdom of Satan

  • The Believer’s Preparation for Spiritual Warfare

  • Personal Spiritual Warfare: The Battle Without

  • Personal Spiritual Warfare: The Battle Within

  • Healing from Demonization

  • Kingdom Advancement and Setting Captives Free: Understanding the Role of Spiritual Warfare

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